Reduce staff sickness with more hygienic and safer touchpoints

Our antimicrobial touchpoint covers have been shown to be 12x cleaner reducing Colds, Coughs & Flu in the workplace by 30.27% in an NHS study with clinical staff.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Offices & Workspaces

Hospitality & Retail

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Offices & Workspaces

Hospitality & Retail

Sports & Events

View our range of antimicrobial touchpoints

It’s our mission to create safer touchpoints, everywhere. Discover our range of antibacterial products.

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Veraco is a global hygiene innovation brand

Servicing numerous clients across multiple sectors including CBRE, UK GOV, NHS, Unilever, Wolves FC, Muller, Deutsche Bank as well as many other international organisations.

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Why have antimicrobial smart surfaces in your workplace.

Kills bacteria and viruses

ISO 21702 2019 and ISO 22196 certification. Effective against HCoV 229E, SARS-CoV2, Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, MRSA and P.aeruginosa by up to 99.99%.

Our products are clinically proven to be cleaner than normal touchpoints.

Works 24/7

Antimicrobial Surface Protection works 24/7 around the clock to transform your environmental hygiene.

It’s working when you are not!

Self-adhesive backing for easy installation

No tools, no costly installation teams. Just peel back, apply and you’re ready to go. Position using our installation marks for ease of placement. The industry leading self-adhesive technology will do the rest.

Just peel back, apply and you’re ready to go.

Digital Hygiene Reminder (DHR)

Our products will last 1 year and we guarantee that. Please register the products once installed via the QR code received with your order. This activates the Digital Hygiene Reminder (DHR) and your 1 year warranty.

This means we can advise when the products need replacing, acting as a digital reminder.

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1 Year Guarantee!

We believe in what we do and so do our customers. So much so that we offer a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Free replacements will be granted should they need replacing. Just register your products here.

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